Friday, March 12, 2010

Twilight terbaru ECLIPSE bakal ditayangkan tengah tahun ini~

Saya belek2 yahoomovies tadi..
Tiba2 ada gambor Edward Cullen bersama Bella Swan..
Bila klik je SINI, terus keluar cerita pasal movie terbaru sambungan Twilight Saga : New Moon..
Apa lagi kalau bukan Eclipse..

Walaupun novelnya dah keluar sampai Breaking Dawn, peminat2 Twilight mesti rindu nak tengok kemunculan Edward Cullen yang 'err..boleh ke dikatakan sebagai cantik' daaaannn Jacobs yang seksi tuhh..

Ada trailer (kejap sahaja..seminit trailer itu..grrr...)
Tapi, dapat la bikin sesiapa sahaja rasa tak cukup..nak lagi..nak lagi..gitu~

Disebabkan malas nak translate,
saya copy paste sahaja ayat2 daripada sana..

First 'Eclipse' Trailer Thrills Twi-Hard Fans

by Chrissy Le Nguyen · March 11, 2009
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

Since the release of "New Moon," us "Twilight" fanatics have been patiently waiting for four long months to get a preview of the franchise's third installment, "Eclipse."

On Wednesday, we were treated to a 10-second teaser trailer, and boy, what a tease it was! Even though I loved every bit of it -- especially Jacob's promise to Bella, "I'm going to fight for you until your heart stops beating" -- 10 seconds is just not enough.

(terharu beb...kalaulah Jacobs cakap macam tu kat saya..pengsan agaknya sebab terkejut..)

But fret not, fellow Twi-Hards: Summit Entertainment wasted no time in releasing the full minute-and-a-half trailer this morning, and we have it here on Yahoo! Movies so that you can watch it on loop until every scene is engrained in your brain!

The 90-second first look focuses primarily on the oh-so-tense love triangle between Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart), and Jacob (Taylor Lautner). We first see a breathtaking view of Forks, Washington, with its deep-green forest and expansive mountain range. Then we're taken to Edward and Bella's meadow meeting grounds, where the couple embraces amid blooming blue flowers as the dreamy vampire makes a lifelong pledge to his mortal lover.

Evil soon appears in the form of Dakota Fanning as the formidable Jane, who's flanked by other Volturi members, warning that her coven leaders won't be happy to learn that Bella is still human and that they "don't give second chances."

Bella would be more than happy to oblige the Volturi's wishes, but in the next scene, Edward reminds her that becoming a vampire means suffering painful consequences, such as outliving the people she loves. Then, we see Bella with her father and later in Florida hugging her mother.

In swoops Bella's best friend, the hunky Jacob, who reminds her that she doesn't need to change to be with him, confesses that he's in love with her, and begs her to choose him over Edward. Oh-em-Jacob! Taylor is totally swoon-worthy in this moment.

The words "It All Begins With a Choice" flash, and though readers of the novels already know who Bella will ultimately choose, it's hard not to get excited over the debate of whether she'll pick the vampire or the werewolf.

(saya tak baca lagi novel ni..macam mana la nak tahu..haiihhh...tapi saya rasa Bella still choose Edward..)

As if Edward didn't feel bad enough for constantly placing Bella in harm's way, Jacob presses him to consider the idea that perhaps Bella might be happier and safer with him. As he's saying this to Edward, we see Bella watching the sunset, perhaps also contemplating to herself if Jacob really is the better choice.

Bryce Dallas Howard in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'

"On June 30" comes on screen (please, like we didn't already clear our calendars four months ago!), and the foreboding music alerts us that a threat is upon us. Bella announces in a frightened tone, "Edward, she found us." And with a magnificent leap and swoosh of fiery red hair, we get a glimpse of the "new" Victoria -- now played by Bryce Dallas Howard, who replaced Rachelle Lefevere. I went gaga over Rachelle's beautiful chase scene in "New Moon," so I'm not completely sold on Bryce just yet.

With Bella's life once again in grave danger, the two guys vying for her heart vow to do whatever it takes to protect her. (Lucky girl!)

(betul tuh..dah la dua2 pun wowwwww~ lucky girl betul..)

At this point, I don't think any piece of "Twilight" content can ever be a disappointment. I'm at a fever pitch over this debut "Eclipse" trailer, but I'm dying to see Victoria's newborn vampire army and the infamous tent scene, where Jacob is forced to keep Bella warm while Edward looks on feeling helpless, uncomfortable, angry, and envious. I told you there was tension. (If you want to know what Taylor had to say about shooting the scene, watch our exclusive interview with the cast.)

p/s : saya baru sahaja beli novel New Moon..Bulan depan kot nak beli Eclipse..


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