Thursday, July 9, 2009

My LURVE Affair with Blog

The driver that made me fall in love with it is @Lambaian program last month.
Actually, I starts blogging since 5 years ago but i done that without feelings until somethings knock my head and wake me up from long and empty dreams.

Before this I thought that blogging is only for person that got nothing to do with their life..
And sometimes I wrote without thinking and make it as diary that will affect nothing on me..

But, I realize now that blogging and blogs is one of a place to share all our feelings, thoughts, opinions..not only with ourself but with whole world..
And I starts to think wisely before sharing my thoughts and opinions.
My life become meaningful.

And the thing is I realize that I am not alone now.
I got shoulder to lend when I'm crying.
I got hand to hold when I fall down.
Bloggers here are so kind hearted to shared their sweet and sour opinions and thoughts.
All i want to say is I lurve blog so much.

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