Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Salam readers~


Wednesday comes again.

Oh, no WORDLESS WEDNESDAY for me since I cannot express my day using any other visual aid here except for words.

Sometimes, I feel like to write in English and It’s fun and good to polish my blog writing skill.


Today, I forgot to wear office jacket and bring my ID Tag. So, this morning need to wait someone who had ID Tag before can entering office area because all door access was attached with ID scanner. Without it, you are like outsider. Not officially allow to enter company building. After that, I need to do extra task by inform HR about ID Tag thingy and at the same time request for guest ID Tag. Without ID Tag, you cannot live peacefully and comfortably. Why? Because even when you want to go to toilet or pantry, I need to pass by office door that require me to scan ID Tag. One problem settled.


When I ‘m not covered with jacket means I’m cannot cover my secret of how big my tummy now.  Everybody starts staring at my 6 month and half old pregnant belly. Quite weird but somehow I need to accept the reality that I’m not in a slim and flat tummy phase anymore and need to wait until delivery and after ‘berpantang’ to get back my shape (make it possible!). I’m proud to become a mum but sometimes I felt awkward. Fortunately, I  wear quite nice attire today due to have group farewell and welcome party this evening. Normally I just wear t-shirt but today I wear blaus.


Ok, time to pen off now. Bai!


p/s : today is day 2 since my MIL performing her umrah. Always pray for her to get ‘mabrur’ umrah there. Ameen~


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