Thursday, August 18, 2011


Salam korang!


Supposed to be another ‘boring ‘day today. Fortunately, I had a part time job to help my colleague to in-stock items back to warehouse. She said maybe took long time till afternoon. So, not so boring day perhaps. And near to end of the day, I will have meeting. Today will be full with activity until 4.45pm hopefully.


I really hope that every days will be like today. Fully utilize every single of working times that will worth me to collect payment salary without any doubts. But, as for now I need to struggle in finding a job. If not I will stuck in front of my PC reading online newspaper. Hope that no one from my company read this. Heh. I’m happy with my working life now. I’m not worry about the ‘barakah’ of every payment salary that I receives every month because I’m not ‘tuang kerja’ kan.  But, no career growth for me if I’m let it be like this forever. Even this is not a big problem for me for now. I think it will become a bog problem in future because of course I will become bored, moral and motivation down.


Hmmm.. I need to change. Recently, I always thought about changing my career. Totally out from manufacturing basis but still in to Engineering which I means will use my degree. I’m searching for job that could benefit me for long term especially for medical, leaves and flexibility of working hours that will help me a lot when my family expand from only me and husband to additional of family team members. Of course every couple will expecting to have their children. Same goes to us.


Arghh, so many things need to be considered. Let times do a judge. Ok lah. Bai!

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