Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 wrap up

Salam to all readers~


Today feeling like at oversea. Want to write entry in English. I think I need to start to polish back my English writing and speaking skills. Working at here made my skills become poor. Just now I took Jobstreet English Language Assessment at score 29 out of 40. How to attract employers out there to hire me with that result. Poor me.


I took back that test because I want to update all my information to the latest one including working experiences, personal details and upload new CV also. The target is to find another job that nearer to our new home located at Antara Gapi. But seems like the nearest possible area to be considered are Batang Kali, Serendah, Rawang and Sungai Buloh ( arranged sequence from shortest distance from our home to the longest one). Batang Kali and Serendah have a little options of job opportunities compared to Rawang and Sungai Buloh. I found only one or two vacancies located at Batang Kali area since last month job hunting.


In the same time, I also feel like just graduate and seeking for a job as fresh grad since I forgot how to prepare for interviews and so on. I keep thinking whether I can go through all the process to  get a new job again. Sometimes my confidence drop tremendously suddenly and that made me scared. This feeling made me like not going to further my initial intention which is to find a new job. Before this my goal setting is to further studies and become as lecturer but since I got married and now expecting to have a new baby inside mine, I need to reconsider it again and again and finally I think I need to let it go. Unless I got ‘gift’ or extra rezeki from Allah to have opportunity to join government sector as that sector is the only one that let their staffs take a leave to further studies. Sometimes, the give financial assistant too until you completed your studies.


Working here sometimes makes me happy and sometimes makes me sad, hurt and sometimes lonely. Lonely because my jobs scope now have less contact to other people since I deal with few same peoples every day and their workplace quite far from mine. So, just contact through phone call and email. Sometimes met for discussion but of course all chats related to job task. How bored I’m now and how quiet I’m now compared to last year. I going through this year 2011 with this same job and dealt with same people. I hope the new year 2012 brings new hope for me. Ameen~



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