Monday, January 7, 2008


Today is monday..
Smart day for UTM students..
The obvious different is all student will dress as smart/formal as possible when attending class or else go to office or library..
For many years these rule being used.

Im going to faculty by bus at the aerly of 8.15 in the morning..
my class only will start at 9.00.
So, what im going to with remaining 45 minutes?
I going to SUB Koperasi and bought The Star ( i think its good for improvement of my english usage..haha..)
After that, im going to computer lab at faculty..
Im just check elearning and emails..
I also distribute questionnaire to lee,chong and hapizan..
They also use computer in the same lab..
Actually, one of final year of faculty of education get me for help her distributing that things to 4SMB students which are my coursemates..
After that, im going to class..
There is only one class for me to attend today..Eng. Management and Safety class..
After that, im decide to go to CICT..
But, only for a moment because after that, Nina call me because we need to do on mounting in the lab..
Im step out form cict then rushing to lab..
After finished, we back to our collage.
Thats all from me today..
The purpose im using english in these article is to improve my english..
If there are any mistake, just let me know..
Drop me a comment.
Thank you for visit my blog.

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