Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Viva..Its over..

The moment that I really thankful coz its over since now..

Now, I feel like to fly..
Feel free inside of my head..
I need some time to celebrate it..

Although after this, there are a lot of work to do..
Assignment and also ready for final paper..
But, Viva is the most important thing that almost all final semester student like me scared to going through.

Seems like Viva is final thing that we should pass before we grad..
If our Viva not pass then we need to going through the same process (Viva) for next semester..
And until 'pass'..
Dont want to repeat the same NIGHTMARE again..

Thank God..
I've pass the viva..
I only need to do more research and put more result in my thesis..
And thats it.

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